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Spa Golf Club, Friday 18th June 2010.


 boringly it turned out to be yet another fine day at Spa with the weather being absolutely (radio word and stock answer it seems to questions requiring a 'yes' ) splendid. The turnout was not as good as Balmoral but was passable and I think we can go back next year, should we choose to do so, with our negotiating head held high. It always takes longer to get to Spa than you think mainly due to the six hundred odd traffic lights that you need to pass through in the circumnavigation of the capitol. Hence I was later than I expected to be, but luckily John Haughey had got there first (again) and was busy raking in the dough from eager punters. 

 It was nice to be back at Spa, always a good atmosphere and always a great deal from them. The course had been set up for Captain's Day, which was the day after us and was in tip top condition and those players who  were on form ( on yesssss that's me for once!! Let's just move on to the winners now!) had a whale of a time.

 I played along  with my middle son and thanks to his chronic slice I saw him only at tee and green, that turned out to be more than I ever see of him at home! George Hamilton, making a welcome return to the society was also with myself and we had a laugh, as we always do The locker rooms at Spa are always a treat as they have hangers (see many many previous reports were I complain) as was pointed out to me by past captain Frank Johnston, fresh from his fight at Balmoral with some 'ladies who lunch' after playing their ball by mistake.

 It was a short round of speeches as everyone wanted to get off as soon as possible to see Algeria playing (England as well) and the food, as always at Spa, was the best that we have each year, A splendid three courses and tea later it was time to hand out the well earned prizes.

 On to the bit you all want to see the runners and riders......

 Visitors winner... was Pat Daly with a splendid 37 points.

 Best front nine... A super 18 points, John Haughey.

 Best back nine...  A well crafted 14 points from Dessie Houston.

 High Section runner up... The Deer hunter himself, with 31 points Norman Stockton.

 High Section winner.. A cracking 33 points from Kevin McCrudden. 

 Low Section runner up... A  fine Arthur Allison  32 points.

 Low Section winner... 33 points from Captain Fantastic Joe Kearney.

 Overall runner up.... an M1 inspired Michael Cullen with 35 points.

 Overall winner.... was George Martin with 'I can do no wrong' total of 37 points. 

 Belvoir beckons you all in the very near future and I hope to see quite a few of you there for our Captain's Day.I would encourage you to stay and eat as the food is always good there. The course I do not need to tell you about as it speaks for itself.

 Please do total your score before handing your card in and sign it. It is not possible for those doing the scoring to do this for you as time does not permit. They can only check the total. Any card not already scored will be put at the bottom of the pile and checked only if time permits otherwise your card will be void.

 Please also remember to order your food from the menu provided, if not asked to do so then make it your business to ask for the sheet. It is not always possible to chase everyone around and ensure this is done. You need to take some responsibility in doing this yourself, it's not much to ask??

 Dress was a bit more relaxed at Spa due to the warm weather but I would ask you to consider the club regulations as regards this at Belvoir and avail yourselves of a jacket/shirt/tie and smart dress (this not being in the sense of a lady) both on and off the course.

 Chastisement over for this time round and please don't have nightmares over poor England after those nasty Germans gave them a right black eye today.They will be back and according to some players they did play well??? Roll on Argentina v Germany next Sat, the winner of which will be the winner of my opinion. I did tip the Germans from the word go I have to say and it has little to do with money changing hands should they win !!!

Online booking times still available for Belvoir, ignore the weather forecast all will be well....MGM (Hon Sec)