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Balmoral Golf Club...Friday 4th June 2010.

Dear PGS members,

 here at last are short (you will be glad to hear that!) reports on the PGS outings to Balmoral and Spa golf clubs. Sorry for the delay but the World Cup and the US Open have taken their toll on the hours lately. The one bright note is that those Italian b******s have been sent home. I have never forgiven them for robbing my beloved France four years ago.

   Balmoral was another of the fine sunny days that we are all getting accustomed to lately and I suppose shortly we will see the end of the summer weather as July and August set in and with them the rainy season that used to be the summer. Turnout was very good and a super day was enjoyed by all who had turned out to see the new greens that Balmoral has installed. The greens have all been built to US PGA standard and I must say, although it made little difference to my own putting, that they were superb. It was like putting on the club snooker table, but that's a story for another day and I was punished for it anyway.

 The last time that we were at Balmoral had been the Xmas outing of 2008 that, due to weather was postponed three times and eventually ran on February 22nd, 2009. At that time you had to play over the working diggers on the 10th fairway, I recall hitting one at the time. I am glad to report that the work is now complete and a fantastic job they have made of it.

 I played on the day with Kevin McCruden, Joe Allan and Thomas Kane and I am sorry to report the loss of thirty bob to K McC but there will be another day when the grass is longer!! I had a fine first nine but it all fell apart on the 10th where the lack of diggers confused me and I ended up seeking the thrill  of ball on metal on a shed roof in a nearby garden. After that it was bunker, water, bunker, duff, play wrong ball etc. However it was an enjoyable day and who could be sad on the 971st anniversary of Henry the third becoming Holy Roman Emperor and with the prospect of a meal at the end. it was better than a hug from Maradonna. The round finally came to a grinding climax after a fine drive down the 18th was wasted with a second and third into bushes that were almost impossible... to get in, never mind out of!

 The scores reflected the problem that most players has with the fine putting surfaces, we are not used to the ball running true and fast. The meal was very good and we had with us on the day PGS President Norman Drew who recalled a few Fred Daly stories in his speech. We were also joined by Tony Shepherd from Balmoral  who enlightened us on the work done at Balmoral over these last few years. Also present were Barbara McCann and Denise Henry and it was great to add a bit of glamour to proceedings instead of having to bask in my own limelight.

 As I promised  these will be short reports, so on to the victors on the day...

 Visitors winner... was Royal Fortwilliam's finest, Joe Allen with a splendid 33 points.

 Best front nine... A 'shed free' 18 points,  George Martin.

 Best back nine...  A superb 17 points from Des Magee.

 High Section runner up...  with 29 points David Sloan.

 High Section winner.. A  Chelsea appointed 30 points from Gary Gilliland . 

 Low Section runner up... A wind assisted Davy Lynas 30 points.

 Low Section winner... 31 points from  man about town, Toby Bradford.

 Overall runner up.... with 32 points , leather clad  Darren Steenson.

 Overall winner.... was Paul Kelly with a straight hitting tally of 35 points.